News — This Baker Is Blowing Up Instagram With Bite-Size Desserts

One Australian baker is taking Instagram by storm with her adorable, bite-size treats that look way too good to eat. In this foodporn saturated world, we've all seen our fair share of gorgeous eats. The photos this "amateur" baker posts, however, might just take the whole damn cake.

Melbourne-based baker Vickie Liu was an architecture and interior design student before she started whipping up delectable desserts. In an interview with Fiona Michelon over at Craft Hunter, Liu says she first discovered her passion for baking in high school. A break in her studies freed up time for her to indulge in her hobby and she's been baking nonstop ever since.

The fact that she now has over 167,000 Instagram followers proves she must be heading in the right direction. For others looking to get into the Insta-celebrity game, Liu offers a word of advice,

Always take photos with natural lighting, and stick to some type of theme! I also try to interact with my followers as much as possible too, and I'm not ashamed to use hashtags!

Keep scrolling to get a glimpse of the most jaw-dropping, drool-inducing desserts featured on her profile.

Be sure to check out all of Vickie Liu's treats on Instagram at @vickiee_yo