Instagram Just Added Face Filters To Your Selfies, So RIP Snapchat


Instagram is completely changing the game and we're shook, you guys — shook.

Long live the days when Snapchat was the sole option for floppy puppy ears on our selfies. Now, Instagram just added face filters to its update.

The social media platform is opening up a whole new world, and we have an endless amount of options for the perfect animal-selfie combo.


Allow us to fill you in on the gram-worthy new developments we've discovered.

As of today, May 16, Instagram users will have the options to add face filters to their pictures.

(Nope that's not your eyes playing tricks on you.)

I know, we can't believe it either.

Once you upgrade your iOS to version 10.21 and have the latest edition of Android, you'll be ready to begin.

Head over to camera mode and click on the new icon at the bottom right side of the screen, which will give you the option to add bunny ears, flower crowns and plenty of other silly icons to your selfies.

Go ahead. Show your Instagram followers what you're made of.


If you're more inclined to use video, there's now an option for Instagram users to use the face filters on Boomerang, too.

A new rewind tool even was included in the update, which allows you to play your clips backward. You'll be able to mess around with a new eraser tool as well (which sound pretty convenient, if I do say so myself).

Lastly, you'll now have the option to add "hashtag stickers" to your stories so people viewing them can tap the hashtag and view similar posts.

Just a few weeks ago, Snapchat announced it rolled out a new feature that allows your snaps to live forever... you know, the complete opposite of what Snapchat was originally about.

Now that each platform continues to make all of these updates, we have to be careful. They're bound to all be the same at some point in the near future, and we're going to have a lot of pictures to take.

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