This Couple Figured Out The Secret To Building An IKEA Dresser: Trip On Acid

Depending on what type of person you are, you either absolutely love or absolutely hate building IKEA furniture.

I'm the latter. Building stuff just isn't my thing. But if I dropped acid before building an IKEA dresser, maybe I'd love it as much as this couple that did just that.

Giancarlo and Nicole spent an afternoon completing step one (out of three, I think?) of a dresser while tripping acid. It was a new experience for Nicole, while Giancarlo had done it a "handful" of times.

Even though I'm not into this stuff, they make it look like a lot of fun. But even with the help of hardcore drugs, building IKEA furniture STILL looks hard. The whole process took them almost four hours. WHAT SAY YOU, SWEDEN?

Between reading the instructions and making sure they had all the right pieces, they did a little bit of introspection and had a ton of laughs.

Once it kicked in, the couple got busy. Or, well, they tried to.

Building furniture mid-trip takes real dedication.

I would call this an excellent bonding experience.

It looks like they had a blast.

They got a little bit distracted...

...but eventually, they got it done.

"I will never build IKEA furniture on acid again."

After completing the task at hand, they rewarded themselves with a walk to a playground.

They earned it.

I'm impressed they got this done. Building IKEA furniture sober can be a real trip (wink). Even in the right state of mind, I don't think I can confidently use a screwdriver or a mallet, let alone put a dresser together.

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