These Guys Took Their Tinder Profile Photos At Ikea And They Are Flawless

by Stacey Leasca

In person, you only have about seven seconds to make a good first impression. On Tinder, you're working with two, maybe three, seconds -- and that's if you're lucky.

Though Tinder sees close to one billion swipes every day, only a fraction (about 12 million) of those swipes result in matches. The odds are not exactly in your favor.

So how do you maximize your chances of getting right-swiped? By taking the ultimate profile photo and putting your best self forward.

That's exactly what Kevin Routson and his friends did when they staged an epic photo shoot at IKEA, using the store's well-designed model rooms as the backdrop for new and improved Tinder profile pics.

According to Rouston, the idea for the spontaneous shoot materialized when the group met up with a married pal who had to run errands at the Scandinavian design chain.

While tagging along for some Swedish meatballs, Rouston's friend Theary Orn suggested they take some “good and classy photos” for their individual Tinder profiles.

Routson said,

[Theary] had complained in the past about not having much success getting Tinder matches but if you look at his profile one could see his photos were either outdated or poor quality. I usually bring my Canon on outdoor climbing trips so we'd joke about taking photos JUST for Tinder. Throughout the maze that is IKEA they began posing in positions and places they thought would be funny and ironic. It was a lot of fun and hilarious how the photos actually turned out on my iPhone. The lighting in IKEA is perfect.

The following week, Routson posted the photos to Reddit, where they promptly made it to the front page.

But that's not all. Apparently, their IKEA photo shoot actually worked: Rouston tells Elite Daily, he and his pals have been receiving messages from potential dates for days, no Tinder-matching needed.

And, ladies, Rouston believes the women of Tinder could benefit from his prime photo shoot location as well. He explains,

I feel like a lot of the same IKEA scenarios would work for ladies as well. I'm not sure how to answer that question, but as a guy, I also like to see organization and tidiness.

Check out the amazing new profile photos below, with Routson's original captions.

Drinkin' out of cups.


Because real men cook.


Reading is the essence of knowledge, and knowledge is the essence of having many leather bound books.


Girls like guys who Internet right?


Draw you like a french mannequin girl: