Two Women On 'HONY' Who Like To Bitch About Things Are All of Us

When you think of "Humans of New York," you think about life-altering stories that inspire, entertain and enlighten. However, this recent Facebook post from Humans of New York comes across more like an Instagram meme than a "HONY" story.

As you can see below, these two women featured in a Facebook post over Fourth of July weekend don't have some crazy, inspiring story to share. They simply give zero fucks like the rest of us.

The caption for the above photo reads,

We don't have any hobbies. But we do try to get together a few times a month to judge people and complain about things.

I mean, if you think this doesn't describe you and your friends chilling at the weekend, you're lying to yourself. Millennials may overuse the phrase "all of us," just a bit too much, but I think it's the only way to describe these two awesome women.

These two "Humans of New York" aren't just you and your friends, they're also you and your significant other. They're you and your co-workers. They're literally all -- OK, I'll stop, but you get the picture.

Rock on, ladies.

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