21 Photos That Perfectly Describe How You're Feeling During Finals


Higher education is such a gift.

Those of us able to afford it awake each day with the promise of a gratifying future filling our hearts and stimulating our minds.

Just kidding. Education is important, but school is a chore, and this time of year, finals threaten to conquer students, leaving each a dried husk of his or her former self.

All the people in the midst of the sleepless tornado of broken dreams and procrastination that is finals week can let these memes speak for them.

1. When you're only human, for crying out loud

2. When you've had six peppermint mochas this week and would like to focus on binge watching the “Home Alone” movies

3. When all your final papers are due the same day so you mainline Red Bull and pull a 72-hour homework session

4. When you had the best intentions but your roommate throws the sickest parties

5. When your expectations are lower than the original Teen Wolf's hairline

6. When you're already $50,000 in debt and can't afford to fail another class

7. When you finished your final paper under the wire and your professor decides he's not like other professors -- he's a cool professor

8. When you asked nicely and you still get burned

9. When you're playing it cool AF but you're secretly sweating through your shirt

10. When you'd rather be anywhere than the real world

11. When you've been skating by on your looks for 20 years

12. When you're probably doomed no matter what, so you say “f*ck it"

13. When you know how the world works, TYVM

14. When higher education has broken you like a farm animal

15. When you don't wanna miss the end-of-semester parties but you haven't slept in three days

16. When your whole semester depends on this test

17. When you realized how pissed your parents are going to be when you fail into oblivion

18. When you fall behind early

19. When you're staring at a page of formulas that might as well be hieroglyphics

20. When you finally submit to the futility

21. When you turn in your exam and reenter the land of the living

Everything ends, my salty little tater tots, even finals week.