Study Predicts How Much Time You Actually Spend Taking Selfies Each Week

Ever wondered how your selfie habits stack up against your peers?

Well, a new study from Now Sourcing and Frames Direct will give you the answers.

The study reveals that Millennials take approximately nine selfies per week and spend seven minutes on each shot. This averages out to about an hour of selfie-taking time every week. Damn.

The number of likes you get on a selfie, the study found, is unrelated to your gender or age. Millennials tend to post selfies the most, however, with about 55 percent of us doing it.

About a quarter of Gen-Xers take and share selfies; whereas, only 9 percent of Baby Boomers are snapping pics of their faces for the world to see.

Since the study was published in collaboration with a glasses company, it also offers a variety of tips on how to take the best #GlassesSelfie -- a valuable skill, to be sure.

Head here to see those tips and read more.

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