You Probably Didn't Know This Is How Australians Abbreviate Names

Oh, Australia, the far away land of kangaroos, Vegemite and super weird ways to say names.

Australians may be some of the most attractive people in the world (hello, Chris and Liam Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman), but they also might be some of the strangest people in the world.

Anyone who can say he or she almost ran over a kangaroo on his or her way to work like it's no big deal is someone I will never understand.

Anyone who can say he or she not only manages to swallow Vegemite, but also likes it is someone I will never understand (because, no, Vegemite is just gross, and all Australians are LIARS).

And finally, anyone who calls someone named Patrick "Paddooo" and someone named Barry "Bazza" is... just super, super weird to me.

Like, who came up with these? It sounds just like when people added "izzle" to the end of everything. Australians, you are "fo' shizzle" not Snoop Dogg, you should not talk like that.

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