Hockey Player Mom Breastfeeds Before A Game Like A Total Boss

by Hope Schreiber

On Sunday, the Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, posted a powerful photo of one mom taking care of her 5-month-old.

It was nothing out of the ordinary for any mother who has breastfed a child, but we suppose it was a little different considering the circumstances.

Sabrina Pfeifer was decked out in hockey gear and about to hit the ice rink when she took a moment to breastfeed her daughter Kaci.


The caption read,

My pre-game routine is a little different these days.

Pfeifer has been playing hockey since she was a senior in high school in Wichita, Kansas. She's worked as a hockey director, coach and referee on top of that.

Even though she gave birth to Kaci five months ago, that doesn't diminish how incredibly important the sport is to her.

She still plays on a coed team, Nuts & Knockers.

Huffington Post

In fact, Pfeifer was back on the ice just three weeks after giving birth.

Pfeifer credits her husband, her teammates and the pre-birth education and postpartum care she received from Dallas Birth and Women's Center for her ability to take care of her baby on the sidelines. She said,

It's heartbreaking when I read or hear stories of other women who have not had such an easy go with it or get harassed for simply providing nourishment for their child. In terms of having positive support, one of the main people I go to when I have questions is my good friend and teammate, Jess, who has breastfed all three of her children.
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She added,

There are other ladies in the leagues who have shared their stories with me as well, and the majority of my male teammates don't even bat an eye as most of their wives have breastfed in some capacity. After seeing my photo, I hope that people know that life doesn't have to totally stop after you have children ― your main focus just shifts.
Huffington Post

The fearless hockey player and mom went on to say,

While it is certainly different, you can still enjoy your hobbies even if they are in a smaller capacity. I hope that after reading my story that people know with the right support it makes it much more likely that you can achieve your personal breastfeeding goals. You find your tribe in the most unlikely of places.

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