High School Students Ensure Harambe's Memory Lives On With Their School IDs

I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope Harambe's having a few bananas up in gorilla heaven right about now.

Four brave high schoolers decided to honor the late ape by spelling out his name and the years he lived over their shirts in their photo IDs.

Although Harambe may be dead, he lives on in meme form, kind of like the cloud version of Mufasa. HE LIVES IN YOU, HE LIVES IN ME!

If I had to take a guess, I'd say half the internet is still talking about the ape who was tragically shot in his enclosure by Cincinnati Zoo personnel after a 3-year-old boy fell under a railing.

The Cincinnati Zoo even had to shut down its Twitter and Facebook pages because of the inundation of Harambe jokes, like this sick burn right here.

Tiffany Nogoy, one of the students involved with the stunt, posted the photo on Twitter of the four IDs, and the four girls' message has since gone viral.

Yeah, verily, this doth bestow great honor upon the fallen beast. The Harambe is dead, long live the Harambe meme.

One of the other high schoolers involved with the stunt, Maddie Darish, took to Twitter basically saying this is her finest hour.

What's even more incredible is the four of them managed to match the green screen's hue, which makes it look almost like Harambe's name is floating mid-air.

I hope these girls know Harambe watches on from above, probably tickled by their gesture.

RIP, Harambe.

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