Per Swantesson/Hunter

High School Senior Throws Insane Temper Tantrum When GF Goes Off To College

Bruh, are you TRYING to break up with your girlfriend?

Because this catastrophic text message is exactly how to push the self-destruct button on your relationship.

It's probably for the best, though -- this guy sounds beyond whiney.

Big man Hunter (of course his name is Hunter) hit meltdown mode and sent a massive rant to his girlfriend -- who's probably now his ex -- when she shipped off to college.

It's quite lengthy, so we've pulled out our favorite lines below.

You know what? These first two quotes are probably understandable if not a bit dramatic:

My biggest fucking mistake was falling in love with you. Can't wait to get my fucking heart broken.

Then he totally loses all grasp on reality.

Eventually ALL hoes get Xposed. I could treat you like a mutherfucking Queen Day N Nite. I really wish you could break your hoe habits. HOPELESS. WHAT DID I FUCKING GET MYSELF INTO. WHY DID YOU EVER HAV TO FUCKING LIKE ME.

And he concludes with this bold statement:

This is going to be the worst fucking thing that's ever happened n my life n there is nothing I can do about it.

Hunter, no. No.