This High School Senior Took The Most Epic Graduation Photos Ever

Taylor Haggard

Now, THIS is how you get senior photos done.

Getting senior photos done is one of the more boring and predictable aspects of graduating high school. Every year, millions of kids are forced to hire small-town photographers to take shots of them doing awkward and totally forced casual activities, like sitting in parks looking at the sky and writing in their journals or just reading history textbooks next to water fountains.

Nobody has ever done those things, ever. Parks are strictly for getting high or drinking when you're a senior, and literally nobody knows his or her town even has a central water fountain until he or she's forced to take pictures in front of it.

That hokey, awkward cornball sh*t wasn't going to happen on Kris Costello's watch.

@imchristina_sup my fave flavor of vitamin water!!!!!! — K-muny (@STDFREEPUSSY) April 13, 2016

He enlisted the help of photographer Taylor Haggard and flat-out burnt the damn senior-photo game DOWN.

Taylor Haggard

THIS is how you do senior photos, BETCHES.

Taylor Haggard

In case you're wondering, Kris' parents are totally fine with the pictures.

Taylor Haggard

He told Mashable,

My parents thought that the pictures were hilarious. They know that they're just for fun, and that I'm not actually putting myself into harm's way. They understand my personality, and didn't expect anything less over-the-top from me.


Taylor Haggard

Step up your game, every other high school person from now on.

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