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How Long Will Apple's Keynote Last? Here's How Much Time You'll Need To Watch

The past year has been a tough one for iPhone connoisseurs patiently waiting for Apple to announce its next device. Even though Apple has kept its mouth shut this entire time, everyone had a feeling the new iPhone was going to come sooner or later. There have been rumors about size, features, charging methods, prices, and release dates -- but we're finally about to know more about the mystical cell. On Tuesday, Sept. 12, Apple CEO Tim Cook is predicted to announce the upcoming iPhone during Apple's keynote event at Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. But the question still remains: How long will Apple's keynote event last?

This, my friends, is the question you must know the answer to in order to comfortably live stream the announcement without dipping out from work for too long. Unfortunately, won't be able to catch the entire keynote event during your lunch break, but you definitely don't need to take the entire day off work to watch the show. The event -- which begins at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET) -- will supposedly last roughly two hours long, according to Express. Apparently, the official calendar event displays the amount of time it will take, and two hours seems to be the verdict.

So if you're in New York City, go ahead and take a two hour lunch break. If you're in California, treat yourself to a long brunch while you live stream the special event. There are a ton of rumors about what Cook will announce at the event, and you'll need to stay in the loop.

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However, before you set your alarms and tune into the live stream expecting the iPhone 8 to appear on the screen, you should know one key detail: The iPhone 8 might not be called the iPhone 8. I know, I know, this is a lot to take in. Believe it or not, the it's been reported the iPhone 8 will be called the "iPhone X" (which many people speculated prior to the announcement). Business Insider reported "X" stands for the Roman numeral 10, and it's the 10th anniversary of Apple's first iPhone release in 2007. So, yeah, this makes sense. (And yes, I feel old AF right now).

Now that you know what to listen for as Tim Cook gives the new iPhone its big debut, you should know about a few more features that might be revealed during the event. For starters, there's speculation Cook will announce iPhone X features along with the phone announcement. There are currently tons of rumors floating around that the new iPhone will have wireless charging, which will be perfect for people like me who constantly lose their chargers. There have also been leaks that suggest facial recognition in replacement of a home button, which I'm still a little skeptical about. The new iPhone is also rumored to have an OLED screen and a vertical camera. TBH, I'm sure the camera will be lightyears better than all the others. Get your Instagram accounts ready, folks.

Of course, we're also hoping Cook announces the highly anticipated price of the iPhone X (or iPhone 8 -- whatever he decides to call it). There have been rumors that the phone will cost a whopping $1,000, which would be a huge bummer for anyone trying to save their money for non-materialistic things... like rent and food.

Either way, I have a feeling Apple is going to shock the heck out of us with its keynote event. Let's recap the excitement: You'll need to take two hours out of your day (starting at 10 a.m. PT and 1 p.m. ET), and look out for announcements concerning the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and of course, the iPhone X.