11 Things You Would Actually Have Time To Do If You Got Off Facebook


Attention, Facebook addicts: This is a call-out post.

Everyone knows y'all have the time to do the things you claim you don't have time to do.

How do I know? Because recently Facebook released data revealing how much time people spend on the website and apps.

Guess what? It's nearly an hour a day that we're all throwing away on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. And for what? To see yet another annoying dude from high school got married?

Now, 50 or so minutes of Facebook each day might not seem that bad — until you think about the important sh*t you aren't doing that you could do in that time.

In the interest of making you all feel very ashamed of your behavior, I compiled a list.

1. Call your mom.


Your mom gave you LIFE. Get off Facebook for 20 minutes and call her. You don't even need the full 50.

2. Actually cook instead of ordering Seamless.


Seriously? You already ordered Seamless TWICE this week. Pasta takes 15 minutes. C'mon.

3. Wash your damn hair.



4. Dry your damn hair.


Seriously. You have time.

5. Socialize with people IN PERSON.


You don't have time for ONE drink with your co-workers, but you have time to send memes to the group chat, huh?

6. Clean your room.


It will literally take 10 minutes to vacuum up those crumbs that have been there since October.

7. Go the f*ck to sleep.


B*tch, I don't want to hear you complaining about how little sleep you got when you wasted an hour on Facebook last night.

8. Do your laundry.


OK, it might take a little bit longer than 50 minutes, but you've been wearing the same pair of pants for a month.

9. Go to the gym.


If you have time to scroll through your feed, you have time to do it on the treadmill.

10. Read an actual book.


"Oh, I don't have time to read." Really? 'Cause I heard you spend an hour reading status updates every damn day. Hmm.

11. Do your dishes.


I'm looking at you, oh roommates of mine. LITERALLY, IT TAKES TWO MINUTES TO WASH A DISH AFTER YOU USE IT.

I hope you all feel very bad about yourselves, you lazy pieces of sh*t.

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