Guys Are Stealing Girlfriends' Hoodies As Revenge For #TakeHisHoodie Season

It's that time of year again.

The weather is changing, the leaves are following and the sun is going down sooner. And it can only mean one thing.

No, I'm not talking about autumn, that's obvious. I'm not talking about cuffing season, either. We have to get more specific than that.

All the slick girlfriends out there know what I'm really talking about. Just look at how they gloat about it on Twitter.

Hide your hoodies.



Savages, I tell you. Savages!

Yes, there is indeed a #StealHisHoodie season. It's not clear exactly when in September it begins, but with Saturday marking the start of October, we're sure as hell in the midst of it now.

That means that all men have to watch their backs and sleep with one eye open when their lady friends come over. At least, that's the passive approach. One guy has taken a different approach, choosing to stand up defiantly against this tyranny.

That guy is 21-year-old Godswill Muofhe, according to BuzzFeed News, and he is leading the #TakeHerHoodie movement, no matter how much his circulation is cut off in the process.


Since Muofhe's declaration of war was tweeted on Thursday night, his post has not only been shared and liked thousands upon thousands of times, it's also inspired others to fight the power.

I stand in solidarity with the #TakeHerHoodie movement — Änthony (@ImDaRealMVP) September 29, 2016

The show of solidarity has been truly awe-inspiring, as guys everywhere have finally come together and are choosing to be silent no longer. And their message is being heard loud and clear.

Sure enough, there are women out there who are fearful of the repercussions this long overdue rebellion might bring. Well, at least for one reason or another.

Whatever it takes to get the job done, I guess. Viva la revolución!

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