Guy's Friends Hilariously Dress Up As His Twitter Picture For Halloween


Odds are writer JR Hennessy's Twitter avatar was a lie.

His friends probably argued exhaustively, “You HATE the beach, JR," and, “You NEVER wear sleeveless shirts!”

Eventually, Hennessy's crew decided the best way to get the point across wasn't to tirelessly tell him but rather to show him.

All 17 friends decided to hunt down sleeveless, gray tees and sunglasses to replicate the image Baby J presents to the Twitter world.

Tumblr loved it.

Twitter meme-d it.

Hennessy dealt with the pitfalls of fame... well as the perks.

Today, a different photo taken indoors, mid-conversation, graces Hennessy's Twitter.

The Sydney resident told BuzzFeed,

Let me just say this: it was inevitable that the entire teen Internet would one day work in formation to own me drastically... I will never change my display picture again.

He has his friends to thank.

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