We Can All Feel For This Guy Who Had The Most Unfortunate Autocorrect Fail


Autocorrect strikes again.

University of Texas at San Antonio freshman Jeet Patel tried replying to his mother when she asked a simple question. But, it looks like sending a reply wasn't simple at all.

A regular, run-of-the-mill response turned into this:

Yeah, you can't call your mother that. And just about the only good that can from such a thing happening is everyone online eating it up because, let's face it, this move is funny.

As of Saturday, Jeet's single tweet drew over 120,000 retweets and over 220,000 "likes". The post also drew tons of responses.

By far, the funniest replies all imagined what Jeet must've been thinking after he sent that text.

@jeeeetpatel This is you packing your stuff and moving out immediately — Zak (@ShayxKardash) September 1, 2016

Then there were other users who shared instances when they'd also made the same mistake.

@jeeeetpatel @xjaylist same (Tuesday) — Sophia Maguire (@SophiaMaguire1) September 1, 2016
@jeeeetpatel @BriHammm I did too — Imani (@l0velymani_) September 1, 2016


Safe to say, Jeet's not making this mistake again 'cause it's right up there up in the autocorrect-gone-bad hall of fame.