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Guy Tweets The Most Epic Story Of How He Delivered His Baby At Home

Here's a dude who can claim at job interviews he's good at working under pressure and really mean it.

Marco Rogers was unexpectedly faced with the task of delivering his baby daughter in his home by himself, and he rose to the occasion like a mother-f*cking BOSS.

Marco is a web developer and lives in the San Francisco area with his wife, Aniyia Williams, who is the CEO of a startup. Aniyia wanted to have a home labor but go to the hospital for the actual birth. However, things didn't quite go as planned.

Marco told the whole story via tweets yesterday. Guys, it's long but SO WORTH the read -- the dramatic build, the tension, the character development. Give him all the awards.

But enough from me, read the whole crazy tale from Marco himself (and then make sure to read the whole thing again from Aniyia's point of view).

OK, so the scene is set. Story time!


Okay, y'all can relax. That's it. That's how my wife and I brought our child into this world together. In our bed. — Marco Rogers (@polotek) January 8, 2016

Now, go read Aniyia's side of things because she da real MVP.

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