Guy Pulls Prank On His Mom By Throwing An Egg At Her Every Day For A Year

by Anna Menta

Trust me, this is way funnier than "a guy throwing eggs at his mom" sounds.

I mean, it IS a video of a dude throwing eggs at his mom for over a year. But, it's OK! She catches them!

Perhaps "gently tosses" is a better way to describe what the guy does. It's really the gentleness and the commitment that allow this guy's prank to ascend from the ranks of just straight-up egging his mom.

It's that and the fact this mom is like an all-star catcher of eggs! Seriously, she's da real MVP. Despite her verbal protests, she catches eggs one-handed, sitting down and standing up. Where is her Olympic medal?

She only drops one egg in the video, but it's still a win because she leaves us with a parting gift of dialogue:

Every f*cking day.