Guy Surprises His Girlfriend With Corgis And She Can't Handle It (Video)

You know that famous video of the Kristen Bell sloth meltdown?

This is that, but with Corgis.

A little backstory: Every night, for years, Becky would make her boyfriend, Corey, look at pictures of Corgis — specifically, the Insta-famous Corgi brothers Ralph and George. She was (to put it mildly) completely obsessed with them.

So one night, after months and months of this nightly Corgi-viewing ritual, Corey hatched a brilliant plan. He called up Ralph and George's owners and arranged for them to bring the pups to surprise his unsuspecting girlfriend.

It took some doing, but when the day finally came, Corey was prepared. Becky, on the other hand? Not so much.

Watch the hilarious video above (and if you haven't seen the equally amazing Kristen Bell sloth meltdown video, I highly recommend you do so immediately).

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