Overexcited Guy Ruins Chance To Get Laid After Bragging In Text To Wrong Number


The cardinal rule of sending a text message about sex is to triple check you're sending the message to the right person.

Whether you're sending a note that's proclaiming your excitement for sex or messaging your fling an explicit picture, you MUST make sure it's going to the correct contact.

If, by chance, you send a sexual text message to an incorrect number, a lot can go wrong.

Unfortunately, a dude on Reddit experienced this first hand when he excitedly texted the girl he was about to hang out with about going "balls deep" with her.

I can't even imagine the remorse he felt after the "delivered" message popped up.

In the beginning on the text strand, it seemed like he was being a sincere guy who was offering his friend chocolate.

Every girl loves chocolate, and if a guy told me he'd bring me some, you better believe I'd let him come over.

After asking him if he remembered which dorm room she lived in, the overly excited (and obviously horny) guy sent a proud message that said he was about to have sex.

The mortifying text said,

Bout to get BALLS DEEP BRO.

After the text was sent, I could imagine the Reddit user tried to come up with a witty response to the accidental text, but I'm sure he looked a little bit like this:

Quickly, he tried to backpedal and claimed he sent the text to the wrong person.


Moments later, the girl he was planning on going "balls deep" with told him not to come over — and rightfully so.

The text message that he accidentally sent was obviously meant for one of his "bros," and Reddit commenters felt compassion for him.

One user called NateDogTX commented and said,

Ah, the rare self-cockblock. Most painful.

Another user added,

Imagine offering chocolate to someone, the pinnacle of all desserts, and still not even getting laid. Yeah, didn't think that was possible either.

Well, surprise! It's possible — especially when you tell the girl you're giving chocolate to that you're about to go "balls deep" into her.

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