This Guy Punched A Bear In The Teeth And Gave The Most Bizarre Interview


It's not every day you get into a fight with a bear. So, when you recount the story, you're going to ham it up for effect.

But the weird thing about this one is, I fully believe every word Rick Nelson is saying. He just gives a very, very odd interview.

The 61-year-old was out walking his dog in Sudbury, Canada, on Sunday afternoon, when he stumbled across a bear cub and spooked it. So, its mother charged.

Now, read the interview he gave to CBS News. It's as close to that bear scene in "The Revenant" as we're going to get in real life. For context, Rick says he's a former bear hunter.

So far, it sounds pretty normal, right?

Rick swung for the bear and smashed it in the teeth. Yes, the TEETH: the bear's only weakness. He continued,

Are they? This is news to us, Rick.

Oh, that was an anti-climax. And so are the pictures. He concluded with this piece of wisdom:

We're really glad you chose to spare its life too, Rick. Never change.