This Guy Legitimately Married His Phone In Vegas And The Video Is Too Funny

If you like your phone so much, WHY DON'T YOU JUST MARRY IT?!

Well, someone actually did.

Aaron Chervenak got hitched to a smartphone at the Little Las Vegas Chapel because his love for technology knows no bounds.

Aaron said,

If we're gonna be honest with ourselves, we connect with our phones on so many emotional levels. We look to it for solace, to calm us down, to put us to sleep, to ease our minds, and to me, that's also what a relationship is about.
So, in a sense, my smartphone has been my longest relationship. That's why I wanted to see what it was like to actually marry a phone.

Dude. That's a whole load of nope.

The chapel guy seemed pretty chill about it. Owner Michael Kelly said, "At first I was like, 'What?' Then I was like, 'Alright, let's do it!'"


It's worth noting that this marriage isn't recognized by the state of Nevada. So Aaron should really do it somewhere else, in order to make it official and commit like a real man.