Guy Has Craziest Idea Of How He'll Spend Powerball Money If He Wins (Video)

You gotta respect a man who's not afraid to announce his plans to buy sex and illegal drugs on live TV.

Ophelia Young, a reporter for FOX 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada, was interviewing people in line for Powerball lottery tickets for a live broadcast on Wednesday.

She asked one man, "If you won all the money, what would you do with it?" probably hoping for heartwarming answers, like giving the money to charity or buying a house for his mom.

Unfortunately, the man gave Young a more, erm, unusual answer.

Without missing a beat, the unnamed man responded,

Bunch of hookers and cocaine.

Oh, white guys in Vegas. Only you could be so bold.

Young, to her credit, immediately cracked up. This guy really knows how to make 15 seconds of fame count.

Here's hoping he gets the now $800 million for his babes and blow (but not really).

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