Guy Finds Out His Tinder Date Is Cheating In The Worst Possible Way

Perhaps The Notorious BIG was never required listening in Australia because one Redditor could have followed Biggie's "I Got A Story To Tell" as a step-by-step formula to avoid getting punched in the face on a Tinder date.

Aussie user wtff123 shared a story Tuesday of a Tinder meet-up that started off casually enough with drinks, dinner and a walk around the city.

When the Redditor gave his date a ride home and accepted her offer to come inside, the night took a rough turn.

He wrote,

As I walked in it seemed like she wasn't living alone. It was a pretty big house. I asked if she lived with anyone and she said she lives with her sister but she's out of town and has the house to herself for a week.

Bypassing a red flag is rarely the right move, but wtff123 did what most of us would do and forged ahead, spending some quality date time on the couch.

He continued,

Next thing you know I carry her to her bedroom and she starts going down on me. That is until the door flung wide open with her husband staring straight at both of us… He immediately starts charging at me as I stood there helplessly. He hit me with a flew blows and I was swinging back to get him away from me. I dazed him out with two punches to his jawline, push him real hard that he moved out the way and I hit the runner straight to the front door.

It's such a shame it's so difficult to find a quality partner on Tinder these days. All the good ones are either married or married.

The Redditor warned readers to, "BEWARE OF AUSTRALIAN WOMEN!!!!" but in an act of compassion for the hurt husband, he also vowed to toss a 12 pack and a letter explaining the backstory in the couple's mailbox.

Next time he takes a chance on a first-date hookup with a stranger, wtff123 should consider dressing up like a burglar before getting busy, just to be safe.

If role play helped Big Poppa escape a brawl with one of the NY Knicks, it can help a horny Australian escape a right hook to the jaw.