Savage Guy Got An Apology Letter From His Ex, So He Graded It And Sent It Back

by Harley Tamplin

Pay attention, y'all, because if you ever need to win a messy breakup, Nick Lutz is the guy you want to take advice from.

You see, Nick just went savage on his ex with a brutal comeback after she poured her heart out to him in a rambling apology letter.

Spoiler alert: The letter didn't magically reignite their love.

Instead, Nick busted out the red pen, turned on the sass and harshly marked up the letter, before posting the end result on Twitter and sending the damn thing back to her.


Here's a brief summary of what happened between Nick and his ex, according to the letter: She fucked up in some way, they broke up and she wants him back.

Now, writing a letter is a real, last-ditch kind of move, and I'm not sure it has ever actually worked.

Like, did this chick ever watch that episode of “Friends” when Rachel writes Ross that super long letter, and it changes absolutely nothing because he can't finish it? 18 pages. FRONT AND BACK.

But props to Nick because even though his former bae's letter is a long one, he made sure to read every single word... and criticized her whenever he could.

For example, he underlined one section of her desperate plea and wrote, “If there is no reason to lie, why isn't the truth being told?”

And when his ex wrote, “I never cheated on you,” he marked it with,

Strong statement. No supporting details to support your hypothesis.



In the end, the most passionate thing this girl has probably ever written was only worthy of a D- after she scored 61 out of 100, Nick decided.

And his feedback?

Long intro, short conclusion, short hypothesis but nothing to back it up. Details are important. If you want to be believed, back it up with proof. You claim that cheating never occurred but place blame on yourself, then what for? Need to stop contradicting your own story and pick a side. While this gesture is appreciated, I would prefer details over statements. Revision for half credit will be accepted.

She might have earned a D-, but there's no question Nick gets an A+ in not giving a shit, as hundreds of thousands of people have seen the letter and now know his love life better than he does.

And that, boys and girls, is how you win a breakup.

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