Guy FaceTimed Wrong Number, Now They're Homies For Life

Listen, I am very familiar with the ways of "Stranger Danger." If I get an unknown number I panic and throw my phone against the wall. After all, it could be a murderer. Or just... you know, a telemarketer.

I go through a lot of phones.

But maybe I'll start picking up because these dudes just became best friends through a wrong number.

Rell Hill was just trying to call his friend when he accidentally dialed a wrong number.


Instead of his friend picking up though, it turned out to be some 15-year-old.


Hill posted about the hilarious accident on Facebook, saying,

So the other day I thought I was callin' my homie but I guess it was the wrong number. This lil white Boi picked up talking bout how you get my number .

The two even started FaceTiming and just talking about their days. Hill even admitted that they were talking like they actually knew each other.

The two new friends FaceTimed for 15 minutes before they bid each other goodbye. Hill never even got his new buddy's name...

Such is life.

Yet, it is a moment the two will share forever on the Internet. FaceTime FTW!


Hill even said that this kid would be his "lil homie forever."


May we all have buddies we can forever call our homies.

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