This Guy's Elaborate Train Station Proposal Is So Thoughtful, You'll Weep


My boyfriend and I first met each other in the parking lot of our local mall.

We were both still in high school. We crossed paths while I was walking hand-in-hand with a different guy, who was my SO at that time (I know, guys just couldn't get enough of me and my sexy braces), and we engaged in some awkward small talk.

Needless to say, there was nothing romantic at all about the first time we met, and I hope to God if we ever get married, he will NOT choose to propose to me in that same parking lot.

The place where Craig and Linsay first met, on the other hand, made for the perfect proposal location.


I guess a train station isn't inherently romantic to most people, but there's certainly something sentimental about it, right? Friends and lovers are all separating and saying goodbye to one another, or happily reuniting after days or weeks apart.

Commuters passing through Glasgow Central Train Station on the evening of Saturday, March 18, were lucky enough to witness Craig's proposal to Linsay, which appeared on the station's Special Notices board.

The message read,

We met here on our first date exactly three years ago. Tonight I am asking you to make these happy times go on forever... Will you marry me...?

Commuters waited anxiously to know Linsay's answer, until @ScotRail tweeted out a confirmation of the happy couple's engagement:


After she said yes, Arek Grabka, a man passing through the station at that time, saw the couple celebrating their engagement over a few drinks:


Elite Daily reached out to ScotRail for comment about the adorable proposal, but they politely declined, as Craig and Linsay informed them they don't wish to have any further publicity about their engagement.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and kudos to Craig for his awesome creativity in planning his proposal!

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