Guy Gives Absolutely Zero F*cks And Eats Woman's Ass In A Strip Club (NSFW Video)

Want to know my secret to living a happy life?

Sometimes you just have to sing like nobody's listening, love like you'll never get hurt and hella-legit eat a butt in the club like nobody's watching.

Follow those rules, and I guarantee you'll live a happy life, much like this guy who was filmed going to TOWN on some lady's pooper at a strip club.

You want to see dedication? THIS is dedication.

Even though she's floppin' her keester all over the dang place as if his mouth ISN'T gracing the presence of her exit door, he remains determined and does not remove his face from betwixt her booty cheeks.

Nobody touch this guy for a few months, though. He's 100 percent just a walking pink eye at the moment.