Guy Dresses As Waiter To Surprise His GF With An Epic Flash-Mob Proposal

Oli Famoudun is a man who values elaboration.

To propose to his longterm girlfriend, Yemisi, the 34-year-old rented out a steakhouse, disguised himself in facial prosthetics, hired a videographer and a photographer and enlisted the help of a bunch of really talented singers, Daily Mail reports.

Yemisi was shocked when — hold up — can we revisit the talented singers for a second?

They're SO talented, each and every last one of them. I hate to be the one to say it, but these singers stole the damn show.

I want to focus on Oli and Yemisi's love, but how can I when the very moment one person finishes belting out a line from the Motown classic “Ain't No Mountain High Enough,” another professional-grade vocalist jumps on board the Idina Express with a powerhouse performance?

Oli was likely as nervous as Yemisi was surprised, but I hope, for both their sakes, they were able to enjoy the performance surrounding them.

There, legitimately, is not a mountain high enough in stature to keep me from watching this proposal on repeat and singing along like nobody is freaking watching.

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