Man Changed His Name To 'iPhone 7' To Score A Free iPhone

Whenever a new version of the iPhone comes out, many of us may ~possibly~ do some seriously wild things to get the latest and greatest version.

The new iPhone 7 is no joke. It's also expensive AF, which is super depressing.

For real, though, depending on what kind of service plan you have, we're talking "$649 casually taken out of your bank account" kind of depressing.

But, for all of us diehard phone addicts, it's for a v. good cause, right?! We want the iPhone 7, and we want it STAT (even though the cost hurts like a total betch).

When I heard how this dude named Olexander Turin took his deep passion for the iPhone 7 to the EXTREMES, I really wanted to give him an applause.

There was so much drive behind this dude's motives, I think we can all sort of relate to and appreciate.

When I say his name is Olexander Turin, I actually mean his name was Olexander Turin.

Are you ready for this scoop I'm about to drop?

This guy legit changed his actual name to — wait for it — “iPhone 7.”



The Associated Press reports an Apple store located in Ukraine was giving out FREE iPhones to the very first five customers who would be down to switch up their name to “iPhone 7,” because, why not?

The man formerly known as Olexander was one of those five people.

His sister, Tetyana Panina, revealed,

It was difficult to accept that and hard to believe it's true.

She continued,

Each person in this world is looking for a way to express himself. Why not to do that in this way?

But now, who truly came out winning in the end, because iPhone 7 ended up scoring an iPhone 7 FO FREE.


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