Guy Casually Solves Rubik's Cube With His Eyes Closed And Twitter Is Very Shook

by Brenda Santana

Do you believe in magic? No, I'm not referring to the magic "in a young girl's heart" -- I'm talking about the magic found in the New York City subway system. Yes, it exists, and a seemingly magical guy on the subway proved it by casually solving a Rubik's Cube with his eyes closed.

See the baffling video below.

What kind of sorcery is this? I can barely solve one side of the Rubik's Cube with my eyes open, under a magnifying glass, using a YouTube tutorial. This dude has some serious talent.

Twitter user @Shelserkin posted the impressive video to Twitter on July 25, and the post has already amassed more than 6,000 likes, almost 3,00 retweets, and countless hysterical comments. People are shook, to say the least.

"Wonder what his power level is."

Definitely omega level.

"This is an actual superhero."

He's clearly more of a genius than Tony Stark himself.

"This guy is super, know what I'm saiyan."

LOL, very clever Dragon Ball Z reference.

"NYC subway riders really are jaded. How do you not pay attention to him?"

I was thinking the same thing. I would've tried getting his autograph.

"What if God was one of us? Just a stranger on the bus?"

Twitter user @NawazH37 is questioning the shocking video's legitimacy.

You can obviously see the video is not edited, and if it is, they did a really good job editing.

My only question is, why didn't anyone get his contact information? A talent like his needs to be featured on shows like America's Got Talent or The Ellen Show. 

Maybe someone can find "The Rubik's Guy" (yes, I just gave him that name) and offer him his very own web series where he solves the cube in random locations with his eyes closed... like on a surf board, or while skydiving.

Or maybe someone can interview The Rubik's Guy and find out if he is an alien, because his sorcery is out of this world. You gotta love the internet.