This Guy's Story About Hillary Clinton Is Going Viral For The Best Reasons

by Jake Cappuccino

Hillary Clinton basically helped save this guy's life.

Apparently, in light of the Democratic National Convention, in which Hillary Clinton formally became the Democratic Party's nominee for president, James Grissom decided to share his story about his experience with Hillary, and his story is honestly incredible if it's even half true.

Like so many others in this election, Grissom was feeling the Bern. For many Democrats, young and old, Bernie Sanders' ideas felt necessary and radical -- a breath of fresh air.

But, Grissom explained, there's a difference between someone who says he or she will show up and get it done and someone who has always shown up to get it done.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Grissom wrote,

I thought for a time that Bernie Sanders might be our best option for President. I liked his radical ideas, and I believed, and still believe, that things need to be changed. But then I was reminded that some people speak well and inspire, and others actually show up and get things done. It may not be as inspirational; it may not lead to a slogan or button, but the showing up--consistently and firmly--changes lives.

What follows that introduction is Grissom's harrowing battle against cancer and an a collection agency and how then New York Senator Hillary Clinton personally stepped in to help him when he needed it most.

Check out the entire Facebook post below.

Seriously, who but Hillary Clinton would do this?

According to Grissom's story, after he was hounded by a collection agency over his hospital bills, he called Hillary's office. Within two weeks, he said, he was actually speaking to the senator on the phone.

According to Grissom's Facebook post, Hillary reportedly told him,

You did not enter a credit agreement with that hospital, so I cannot fathom why they are pursuing you as if you did. In addition, that hospital is aided by the state of New York and the federal government, so they are way out of line. You need to fight this cancer and get well: You don't have time for this nonsense. Let me look into it.

What happened after that is nothing short of astonishing.

Grissom wrote,

Within a week, the collection calls ceased, and within a month, Hillary Clinton put me in touch with two organizations offering financial aid to people undergoing cancer treatment. These organizations eliminated half of my debt, and within eighteen months, I had paid the remaining amount, without any collection activity or annoying calls.

And I didn't even mention the literally priceless role Planned Parenthood had to play in Grissom's recovery, an organization long supported by Hillary Clinton.

But in spite of the incredible help he received at the hands of Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood, Grissom sarcastically noted, they are both "villainous, despicable, ready for defunding or defeat."

Grissom concluded,

I don't understand that, and I don't understand how we have difficulty in choosing our next President or where our donations should go. But that's me. That's my time with Hillary Clinton. Sorry I looked away for a time. But now you can deal me in.

I think it's pretty obvious now why Grissom would seemingly support Hillary as the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. Say what you will about her, but Grissom's story proves Hillary cares about the people she works to help.