Yup, This Guy Bathed In 1,250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce And It Did Not Go Well

CemreCandar on YouTube

We have no idea why this man tried to do this. By the end of the video, it doesn't look like he did either.

YouTube user Cemre Candar says he took a bath in tub full of hot sauce for, well, some reason. Candar poured "bucket loads of chili," which he indicates in the video's title amounts to 1,250 bottles of hot sauce, and added hot peppers into the mix before jumping in.

YouTube/Cemre Candar
YouTube/Cemre Candar

After plunging his body into the spice bath, Candar almost immediately looked like he had caught on to the fact that maybe what he did wasn't the smartest idea.

YouTube/Cemre Candar

And yet, not only did he stay in the tub, he took his experiment even further. After taking a few seconds to settle into the bath, Candar drank some of the hot sauce, bit some of the peppers and dipped his head below the surface of the hot sauce.

He entered with bravery and exited with hysteria.

YouTube/Cemre Candar
YouTube/Cemre Candar

A few hours and several "oh my Gods" later, Candar gave the most hilarious debrief ever.

He said,

It's been like a couple of hours, and I feel like I've been through hell and come back... I'm actually a bit scared right now.

Yeah, that wasn't smart.