Guy Avoids Bear Attack In The Most Badass Way Ever


According to professionals, if you ever encounter a bear in the wild, you're supposed to speak calmly and back away slowly.

But apparently, that's not the only thing that works in fending them off, as one brave (and, OK, really lucky) dude recently proved.

While hiking through the “backcountry,” YouTuber ttumolo stumbled across a large black bear.

After attempting the usual tactics — and garnering no response from the bear — he decided to make himself “appear a threat,” to try and scare off the massive animal. And how'd he do that?

By telling it to “f*ck off.”

Yep, apparently bears aren't great at taking insults.

In all seriousness, this dude is lucky to have lived to tell the (slightly ridiculous) tale.

Watch the close encounter above.

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