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Guy Asks His Wife To Draw Everything On Her Mind And The Result Is Amazing

It's so important to understand the mind of your spouse. Harmony between lifelong lovers leads to homes run smoothly and fewer arguments over what to Netflix.

Redditor bpwwhirl asked his wife to draw him “a picture of what is on her mind,” and she made sure not to leave anything out of her final product.

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She balances a teaching career, finances and farting.


Her kids exist in the center of their own sub-chart.


Concerns about her appearance clash with her feminist guilt.


She loves Stephen a LOT.


Redditors were quick to alert her husband — who may be (i.e. probably is… like, almost definitely is) Stephen himself — of her betrayal.

She gets her LOLs just like the rest of us.


My boyfriend is about to get a mind-drawing from yours truly, and odds are, it'll look a lot like this (if you replace the kids with "Harry Potter" characters and pictures of cheese).

Get doodling!

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