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This Grumpy Woman At Disney Inspired The Funniest, Grumpiest Memes


Whether it's Disneyland, Disney World or whatever European knockoff you prefer, just the name "Disney" implies old-fashioned family fun.

That being said, there's an unspoken pressure to make sure you're having the best time of your life at Disneyland. Even if you wait in four-hour-long lines or get food poisoning from a turkey leg, you keep that sh*t to yourself.

When a measles outbreak can't dispel the magic, that says something.

It takes bravery to admit you're having a terrible time at Disney. One lady might be the bravest of them all after showing her grumpiness loud and proud while riding Splash Mountain, sporting a defined stink eye while sitting in a giant log.

Wife got a little perturbed that I wouldn't accompany her on the ride.

Apparently, her husband didn't want to go on the ride with her and she was not happy about it. Her husband, imgur user Blackthorne519, uploaded the photo with the caption,

Wife got a little perturbed that I wouldn't accompany her on the ride.

Already, the picture has over 2 million views. As you can imagine, Reddit users quickly got to work photoshopping their own brand of magic into the photo.

Being grumpy is so contagious.

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This makes me think the original simply Photoshopped John Travolta out.

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Not even Mona Lisa will crack a smile.

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I'd be grumpy, too, if I had to farm during Dust Bowl days.


This scenario, but on a Disney cruise, could make for a solid horror movie.


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