Internet's Bawling Over Grandpa Who Went All Out For Date And Got Stood Up


A hopeful grandfather brought chivalry back in preparation for a romantic date that never happened.

The 73-year-old has been looking for a lover for awhile and met a woman on who he wanted to pursue.

They made plans to meet at a restaurant Saturday night that was 45 minutes away from his home, so he dressed to impress and got ready for the night out.

After putting on a classy sweater and buying chocolates and roses for the woman, the worst case scenario happened.

He got stood up.


The woman never showed up for the date, and the charming grandpa was left waiting alone inside the restaurant, flowers and all.


He headed back home and turned to his 16-year-old granddaughter Gabby for support.

Gabby talked to Metro, and said,

My grandpa and I are very close and we talk about dating quite a lot since he's been looking for a companion for a while now. My grandpa was really sad considering he has never been stood up before, so he immediately came over to my house to talk to me and my mom about it.

I'm so sorry, grandpa. She's the one missing out, not you.

Gabby continued, "We instantly comforted him because being stood up can be very hurtful."

Being stood up is hurtful. It downright sucks, and sometimes you need the emotional wisdom from strangers online.

In fact, once Gabby shared photos of her heartbroken grandfather, Twitter showered him with compliments and support.

"I hope she has a good explanation for this."


Hearts are breaking and Twitter users are sobbing.


"He is v handsome and will find a lady who will treat him right!"


Some argue that they'll date him instead.


Others are crediting him for bringing her beautiful roses and chocolate.




Apparently, Gabby's grandpa messaged the woman who stood him up and said what she did to him was "very rude" and that he "didn't appreciate it after all the effort he had put in."

Sadly, he never heard from her again.

Luckily, he has his granddaughter and Twitter on his side. I'm sure he'll find a lady sooner or later.

Maybe he could teach some younger dudes how to be so chivalrous in the meantime.

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