Grandma Smokes Weed For The First Time With Grandson And She Can Totally Hang

by Hope Schreiber

As a traveler of the world, I have met my fair share of grandmas.

To me, there are three types of grannies.

The first type is the ones you often see on TV or movies. They're doting, fun and kooky. They let their grandkids get away with things their parents wouldn't, like eating brownies for breakfast.

The second type isn't really the biggest uh -- shall we say -- fans of children. For example, my grandmother used to tell us if we touched her walls, she would cut out our livers. They... love in different ways.

The third will smoke up with you.


Andrew and his grandmother (for his "whole life"), Helen, stopped by "Strange Buds" from Cut Video who gave her her first experience smoking weed.

For someone who never smoked weed before, Andrew's grammy can totally hang. She basically smokes an entire blunt.

Now, growing up, my parents didn't drink, but I sure did spend a lot of time with my friends' parents who did drink.

If there's one thing I learned from those experiences, it is this:

Never, ever, get turnt up with someone whose secrets you don't want to know.

Whereas I learned many a family secret, including where my best friend in high school was conceived (on the very kitchen floor we were standing upon...), Andrew learned some weird stuff from his grandma.

For some reason, dear, sweet Andrew asks Helen if she has ever watched pornography.

Helen explains that her female neighbor used to put a sheet up on the wall, and she would sit with her and watch porn. And she never told his grandfather that.

I think young people forget people have always been freaky.

Like, we know we're freaky... but finding that out about elders is odd. Is it because we're lead to believe "Leave It To Beaver" was a real depiction of a family?

We didn't get any freakier -- we're just more open about it.

Anyway, the next step is to teach grandma how to roll a joint.

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