Gorilla In London Escaped And Chugged 5 Liters Of Syrup


Kumbuka > Harambe...

Earlier this year, America and the rest of the world got behind Harambe, a gorilla who was shot after a child fell into its cage.

Memes happened, a debate on whether this was the appropriate response waged across the media and Harambe slowly went from a zoo animal to a national hero.

If you liked Harambe I strongly suggest you reconsider moving your allegiance over to Kumbuka.

Harambe doesn't have jack shit on Kumbuka, a London gorilla who escaped his cage and proceeded to chugged a buttload of syrup.

If Harambe is your well-to-do humble martyr, Kumbuka is your super fun frat bro who wakes you up at 3 am, completely drunk, because he found a bunch of fireworks behind an Arby's and wants to blast them off at a stop sign near the house.

This statement from Zoological Society of London's zoological director Professor David Field reads better than the screenplay for "Old School":

Later, the zoo went on to say,

Undiluted blackcurrant squash is like British syrup, by the way. Think those Mio squirt bottles, but with a cool accent and a reverence for Manchester United.

The Internet is obviously having a pretty good time with Britain's most popular and most literal party animal.

Long live Kumbuka.

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