This Gorgeous Grandmother Dresses And Looks Better Than You, Life Is Not Fair


The most fashionable thing I've witnessed my grandmother do was get her hair done weekly and refuse to wear her orthopedic shoes.

Grandma, I know they're ugly, but please, they encourage blood flow to your feet and they're good for you. Unless you have some secret Instagram following, why won't you wear them?!

Fashion blogger, Zaklina, isn't your typical grandma.

The 47-year-old has two grandchildren, but they're obviously not cramping her style on Instagram.

TBH, I would be pissed AF if my grandma looked this good while I'm over here, surviving on a healthy diet of Starbursts, sunflower seeds and alcohol.

The grandmother, who is originally from Serbia, has already amassed a huge following on social media where she shows her eye for fashion.

She even includes the hashtag "#grandmotherthatlovesfashion" in her posts, should you forget that this isn't some 20-something model.

I also suspect her followers are low key trying to figure out where she keeps the Fountain of Youth.

She says she owes her style to living in Switzerland, France and Poland. She currently lives in Italy, which is considered one of Europe's largest fashion hubs.

Zaklina said,

My main goal is to inspire women to wake up their wild side.

Honestly though, if you want to look like this by the time you're a grandma, or even 47, then you probably shouldn't wake up that wild side.

Stay indoors, out of sunlight, so you never get wrinkles. Eat healthy, take cold showers, don't drink.

Besides fashion blogging, Zaklina says her favorite thing to do is to hang out with her 28-year-old daughter.

But her life isn't all fashion, beachside vacations and happy times.

She refers to her late son, Stefan, as her guardian angel, and tags him in every post "#rememberstefan." He passed away on Christmas Eve of last year when he was run over in Belgrade, Serbia.


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