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Eye Makeup Inspired By Old TV Shows Is Gorgeous & Nostalgic

How far would you go to relive your childhood memories? Would you wear clothing that was popular when you were a kid, or maybe binge watch your favorite shows that remind you of when you were growing up? What about creating eye makeup inspired by old TV shows?

If you chose makeup looks, you have a lot in common with Washington D.C. makeup artist Gabriela Greer. Greer took her love for teen shows to the next level by creating eye shadow looks inspired by her favorites. She shared them on Twitter for the world to see, and they've since gone viral.

"My looks inspired by my favorite tv shows growing up," she tweeted on July 24. The post has received almost 100,000 retweets, thousands of likes, and tons of comments appreciating her artistry.

Gabi, 18, tells Elite Daily that she's only been doing makeup for two years. Needless to say, Twitter is impressed.

"I wish I was talented like you..."

Same! I wonder if she'd be willing to teach a makeup class?

She definitely deserves a standing ovation.

Take a closer look at Greer's creations below.

Kim Possible

Gabi Greer

The Proud Family

Gabi Greer

That's So Raven

Gabi Greer

Drake and Josh

Gabi Greer


OK, how is it even possible to be this talented?! Each look is better than the next, and they're actually makeup looks you can wear out. Greer's makeup expertise goes far beyond teen TV shows, though.

She's also created looks inspired by Disney characters...


And even her favorite music!

Is there a look Greer can't pull off? Her 14,000 Twitter followers seem to love any and every look she creates, and I can definitely see why. I mean, I can barely fill in my eyebrows correctly and need a stamp just to get my eyeliner straight.

If you want to learn a little more about her skills, you can follow her YouTube channel and Instagram page where she posts videos and pictures of her latest creations.