Captain America Is Trending On Twitter For The Most Amazing Reason


Listen, if you think there's no way in hell Captain America has ever hooked up with a man, you're DREAMING.

Men that beautiful and coordinated don't simply meet one Sharon Carter and call it a day, people.

THIS needs to be set free on some D.

Twitter is keenly aware of the Captain's sexual necessities and is lobbying to #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend.

@VINNIEACCARDl don't drastically change characters depending on the writer all the time? — bald fashiondisaster (@VINNIEACCARDl) May 24, 2016

Traditionalists (who would 100 percent f*ck Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, or a cardboard cutout of Steve Rogers if given the opportunity) disagree with efforts to expand the Captain's romantic landscape.

If it makes certain fans feel better to pretend they've never shipped Captain America and his sidekick, Bucky, that's their prerogative, but this moviegoer will be damned if she's going to let anyone ruin her opportunity to see Chris Evans lay one on Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky.

A gay or bisexual Captain means representation in superhero cinema for a broader spectrum of fans, and it doesn't affect those who have already enjoyed years of watching Steve love ladies.

At the end of the day, who Captain America f*cks doesn't make you cum (unless you're the lucky man).