This Girl's Text From Her Dad After He Found Her Sex Toy Is Cringeworthy AF

by Robert Anthony

When you're feeling down, do yourself a favor and surf the Internet in search of other people's misfortunes. It usually makes me laugh. But that wasn't exactly the case when one girl's unfortunate text message from her dad turned out to be more cringeworthy than comical.

According to Metro, an anonymous Imgur user posted a screenshot of her Facebook post after her dad found her sex toy while organizing her room.

The Facebook post reads,

The worst text you could ever receive from your old man.

Ready to shiver... uncontrollably?


Now, I personally don't know much about the hassle women go through to hide their vibrators and dildos, but I would imagine it's very similar to hiding dank-ass-weed and shitty report cards from your parents.

No one is ever supposed to find these kinds of things. And when they do, your life might as well be over.

If I were the dad in this situation, I would've just tossed the thing and carried on with my life. Not only is it embarrassing for your kid, but it has to be a bit awkward for you to even snap a photo of it and ask your daughter if she wants to keep it or not.

Perhaps the most bizarre part about this entire thing is that this unidentified sex toy hider captioned the original screenshot with the phrase "purple pounder."

So, she's got a nickname for this thing but doesn't have a solid hiding spot -- um, cool.

Last but not least, take note of the "virgin" mobile carrier to the left of the clock. At least that makes things more laughable!

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