Girl's Gorgeous Prom Pics Go Viral Over Massive 'Wiener' In Background


Each year, prom is a BIG day, and getting some great photos to slap on Insta afterward is an absolute necessity.

And this girl, whose prom photo shoot pictures were uploaded on Reddit, has absolutely crushed it.

Just like the girl who nailed her senior photo earlier this year.

She looks glam AF, her dress is on point and her hair is just perfect.

Oh, hang on a second, what's that in the background?


That, my friends, that right there is a gigantic wiener.

Specifically, it's her savage cousin ruining the glamorous shot by standing in the background while wearing a giant hot dog costume.

Why? Because cousins can be cruel and will take absolutely any opportunity to embarrass you.


It's original. It's superb. And I guarantee these are prom pictures the poor girl will never forget.


The pictures were posted on Reddit with the caption, “My brother photobombed my cousin's prom photo session.”

And don't worry, because the guy then gambled by getting a lot closer, leading to another picture that might be even more ridiculous.


Just look at those crazy eyes. Those are the eyes of a man who rented a comedy hot dog costume just to ruin this girl's big day, while becoming a sudden inspiration for mischievous cousins everywhere.

Reddit, being the site it is, decided to give the pic the Photoshop treatment.


Disappointingly, there's not a lot of context behind the pics, so we have no idea if the girl in the pictures found the surprise photobombing horrifying or hilarious.

But talking about the second picture, the person who uploaded the photos wrote,

It gets worse. Or better. Depending on your point of view.

Hopefully the girl at least has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

I would love to know when she found out about this. I like to think it was days later when she first saw the photos.

Props to the cousin too for the dedication needed to pull this prank off and the effort he put in to absolutely nail the photobombing.

Her cousin did leave this update, saying,

My cousin doesn't care what you think of her dress. It's just a funny picture people!!! Relax and just laugh at it.

And if you're heading to prom this year, keep an eye out for huge wieners photobombing your squad's pics.