Girl Offered Up The Xbox One That She Bought For Her Cheating Boyfriend


It was back in January that Izzie was experiencing the passions of young love.

She was so wrapped up in her boyfriend that she got him what every 17-year-old guy would want: an Xbox One.

He was texting her about how he wished he could buy new games, and she showed up with the console and the new "Call of Duty."

Like, where was this type of person when I was in high school? The only gift my high school sweetheart gave me was lowered expectations.

Izzie took to Twitter to show off her kindness.


However, this is high school and things don't always turn out like you expect...

On September 14, Izzie found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her with not one, but two girls. The girls came clean to Izzie and let her know that her boyfriend was officially a f*ckboi.

So she took to Twitter again, retweeted her first post and wrote, "he ended up cheating who wants it."



Izze told Metro,

I loved him with all I had!! But he wanted to see others I guess. I didn't believe the girls, like he was my best friend – he would never do that to me, right? Wrong.

But the teen is coping well with the breakup. She added,

I'm much better without him, I'm worth more than a cheater.

Izzie, you got the Xbox back and didn't waste more time with a guy who doesn't appreciate you. I'd say you're winning the breakup.

Also, maybe you should just keep the console and buy "Overwatch" -- it's really fun.

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