Girl Stops Her Meltdown After Snacks Are Offered

Honestly, this is me AF.

"Hangry" is one of the only emotions my cold heart can still feel.

When you're dependent on another person for snackies, then you have to learn some thoughtful tactics. For example: crying.

Twitter user @OhChelseaRaeXO was trying to make dinner when her daughter was having an emotional crisis.

She wanted to be held, but with her mother's hands full and prepping the meal, she was left crying and alone.

Being a baby is so hard.

Her mom offered her some food, and immediately the little girl stopped crying. The mother explained,

I offered her a snack/food which just proves that's the way to a girl's heart no matter how old.

My face when I read that sentence?

Nine times out of 10 if I am upset, I will find myself a scrumptious meal and realize, "Oh, right. I was just hungry."

I can't even be blamed because it's science.

Everything we eat translates into simple sugars, amino acids and free fatty acids. The nutrients go into your little bloodstream and are given to your organs and tissues for energy.

wilsontieu on YouTube

But after time, the nutrients drop -- and if your blood-glucose levels drop far enough, your brain is like "Oh, my God? We're gonna die," because your brain depends on glucose to work.

Your brain can't do its job when you're hungry. You can't concentrate, you blunder, and you might even start slurring.

(Oh, hold up, can I say I'm hungry instead of tipsy at family functions?)

"Socially acceptable norms" also become more difficult to perform. Like, apparently, you're not supposed to curse out a cherished friend who accidentally ordered you the wrong sandwich.

While you may keep your wits about you when you're hangry and not take it out on the boss, it seems that you're more prone to take it out on people you're relaxed with and care about most.

Sorry, everyone I have ever dated. Snacks please.

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