This Girl Had The Perfect Response To Her 'Nerd' Snapchat Filter

by Robert Anthony

Another day, another hilarious Snapchat filter. But is it really "hilarious" when you suddenly realize the social network's latest filter looks exactly like you (and not in a good way)?!

According to Metro, that's exactly what happened to one optimistic teen after playing around with Snapchat's "nerd" filter only to realize she looks exactly like it in real-life. The results? Pretty funny stuff, to say the least.

But, overall, she found a way to make light of the situation -- she trolled herself.

The filter itself adds fatness around the cheeks and mouth while applying a pair of broken glasses to the Snapchat user's face. In addition, the "nerd" filter also features a set of shiny new braces.

Now, I'm not sure if it was the glasses, the braces or both accessories that made Twitter user Madjsyn realize she was only trolling herself by applying the goofy filter. Regardless, she took it pretty well!

After posting a before-and-after photo on Twitter, the tweet racked up over 13,000 retweets and 19,000 likes. Who knew being nerdy could be so... viral?!

Now that's what being a good sport looks like!

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