This Girl Needs 50,000 Retweets To Get A New Puppy And You Can Help Her Out

Dads trying to stop their kids from getting puppies with outrageous challenges: It's a tale as old as time.

One high school senior, Clara Foster, decided to take on her dad's challenge after he said she'd need 100,000 retweets to get a new puppy. According to Mashable, her dad doesn't want to be "tied down" when Clara leaves for college next year.

Tied down to what, Mr. Foster? A cuddly fluff-ball of adorableness?!

Apparently, Clara has made a deal with some relatives who promised to watch the pup while she's away. The puppy in question is super cute, so we can see why Clara would do whatever it takes to take the little dude home.

So far, Twitter users have retweeted Clara's tweet over 50,000 times, but she still needs about 44,000 more if she's going to get that sweet, innocent puppy.

You know what to do.

Visit your local shelter today and adopt a deserving pup of your own. 

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