Little Girl Breaks It Down On The Sidelines, Crowd Stops Caring About The Game


I don't care where you are.

When a little kid starts showing off some impressive dance moves, you stop what you're doing and pay attention unless you actually enjoy missing out on greatness.

That's my message to all of the fools that prematurely left the stands just before a little girl named Anessah started moving and grooving on the sidelines during (or after) a high school football game.

Let's just say the crowd totally forgot they were even at a football game for a second. They just couldn't help but watch in amazement.

The video's description reads,

Everyone in attendance goes absolutely wild for little Anessah when she busts out some awesome dance moves. She even gets the mascot to join in with her!

In a viral video recently uploaded to YouTube by Rumble Viral, little Anessah shows everyone how to have some post-game fun by dancing to a song called "Juju on that Beat."

I'll be honest, I didn't know what this song was called until now.

Previously, I heard it in just about every viral video of 2016 and just couldn't figure out what song this was.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the song you put on when you want to see little kids show off their super-fresh dance skills.

Her moves were the complete opposite of whatever this is...

Throughout the video, Anessah dances alongside an equally skilled team mascot as the impressed crowd looks on.

Two other little kids stand behind her while she dances. You can tell they're tempted to jump in for a quick battle, but they never do.

As for Anessah, it's pretty obvious that this little dancing queen wanted to dance the night away, but the song eventually ended.

Once the adorable dance party was over, Anessah runs over to the mascot for a big hug as the crowd cheers her on.

AND THAT is why you never just stand up and leave the venue after a sporting event. You just never know when a little kid is going to practically say, "Watch out, bitches. It's MY time to shine," and steal your attention faster than you can say "Juju."

Check out the video above!

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